Our aim is to bring people together.  We want our events to represent a different type of evening out.  We're not trying to break new ground, we simply want to connect people and place them in locations that represent the hidden gems Essex and Suffolk have to offer.  These can be places with historical interest or simply places our guests may not get the opportunity to visit very often.  The menu, the venue, the chef, the speakers and the art will vary from season to season.  Our venues are handpicked to reflect history, charm and interest and will all be in Suffolk or Essex.  Each of our chefs is independent and creative, sharing in the same passion for a seasonal menu and locally grown ingredients. 



Essex and Suffolk is thriving with new and established artists.  Some live in the area, some grew up around here and some simply have a deep connection with it.  We want to celebrate the diversity of their works by giving our guests the opportunity to be surrounded by their talent.  All art is for sale both during and after the event.


We love food and we love how it brings people together.  We hand pick chefs who also share in our passion for seasonal and local ingredients and can offer food with an added twist that isn't complicated but simply tastes delicious.  Together we aim to provide food that is fresh, interesting and uplifting.


We all like to meet interesting people who have a story, a quirky hobby or simply know how to entertain.  Our guests are an added bonus to an evening of good food, art and being with new and old friends.  They will vary like the Seasons and hopefully leave our guests feeling inspired and wanting more.